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Academic Writing & Teaching

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants"


This famous quote by the legendary scientist and visionary Isaac Newton is something that I have always resonated with. A solid foundation and understanding of what some of the best minds have researched and understood before one delves into finding or building something new, is what will truly help catalyse the process of innovation. I have had the opportunity of being a student at some of the best centres of learning in India and United Kingdom where I built my academic knowledge through research, academic writing and eventually mentoring Young India Fellows to write their academic papers on media and international relations. 

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'A study of print media reportage

of 123 civil nuclear deal 2005-2008' at University of Delhi (2014)

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#Britishraj : Analysing India’s Voice About  

Its Colonial History On Social Media

written during my MA at University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

The paper explores Indian historical storytelling about colonialism on Instagram  

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Representation of Dalits in media workforce

at Young India Fellowship (2015).

The paper explores Dalit representation in Indian newsrooms and how activist have used online media  

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