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Arthritis Action

Sep-December 2019

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Arthritis Action is the only UK charity offering hands-on, practical help for people with arthritis to improve their quality of life whilst living with the condition. AA offers its Members healthy eating advice, clinical appointments, exercise tips, and pain management techniques whether or not they are having medical treatment.


At Arthritis Action, I was on a three months contract to assist the communications team in social media strategy, produce content (designing and writing along with editing footage) and improve the UX of their website. 


Being a social business and charity, the AA team is a small one. I along with the communications team carefully planned our activities well, and therefore I could contribute immensely to the organisation in my time with them in Central London.

Arthritis #AffectsAnyone Campaign and More

Here are a few snapshots of the creatives that I designed for their annual #WorldArthritisDay Campaign, and a few others for print collateral. The idea was to give a fresh new life to the organization's digital channels while being informative and useful to our audience who were of the 45+ age group (as they form the vast majority of people with arthritis).

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