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Twelve years ago, I discovered that my favourite city, Delhi, India, was becoming unlivable for me due to my allergies to smoke, dust, and pollution. Winters were especially difficult, causing sleepless nights and endless coughing fits. This personal struggle made me realize the importance of addressing climate change, even before it became the widely acknowledged issue it is today.

Due to my motivation towards the cause, I have undertaken several campaigns and projects over the years aimed at building climate resilience and adaptation. Currently, at the WFP Innovation Accelerator, I am the communications focal point for several climate change workstreams. Below are some examples of my work with this topic. (41).gif
WFP Innovation at
COP27 & COP28
Since 2022, the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator has hosted Climate Innovation Centered events at the Conference of the Parties (COP). For COP27 and COP28, I led several communications workstreams, producing content for event-based social media, speakers' talking points, invitations, and more to attract relevant partners. Check out some of the content I co-produced and led below: 


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Blog on Featured Innovation

Meet three innovative teams reshaping food systems to support climate adaptation and resilience.

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Social Media Campaign

For the run up to the event, I strategised the target group using paid LinkedIn advertisements. This was replicated in 2023 COP28.


Event Communications

Produced content pieces like talking points, speaker inviations, pitch decks and live tweets for the COP27 and COP28 events. 

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Adaptation Fund & UN WFP
Climate Adaptation Innovation Accelerator Programme

The WFP Innovation Accelerator, supported by the Adaptation Fund, has launched the Climate Adaptation Innovation Accelerator Programme under the Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) partnership. This $10 million initiative aims to identify, support, and scale high-impact innovations for climate adaptation in vulnerable regions.

As the programme's communications lead, I am developing an international campaign to attract innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers to submit solutions that drive climate resilience in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt—our focus for 2024. This five-year programme involves close collaboration with WFP Country Offices to engage local communities and encourage their participation


CCommunications Strategy for MENA Region

Conceived, developed, and led communications strategy and implementation for Climate Adaptation Innovation Accelerator,  attracting diverse innovation teams from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. . 

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Multimedia Social Media Content

Produced multimedia content (also lent my voice over) such as this video to showcase the AFCIA prigramme. 

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As the thematic focal point for climate change, smallholder farmers and food systems topics at WFP IA, I produced thought leadership pieces like this connected to the prgramme. I represented the Climate Adaptation Innovation Accelerator for the media and developed a global press release for the same.

Climate Innovation at

I have also been the campaign coordinator for several other WFP Climate Innovation Programmes; be it innovation challenges targeting agricultural resilience or food systems strengthening in times of climate change. (35).gif


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Digital & Green Innovation Challenge

Conceived, developed, and led communications for DGIx Programme, attracting diverse innovation teams from Africa. Coordinated event communications for a global event in Rwanda. (2).gif

WFP's Greentech Pitch Event 

Led communications for WFP's Pitch Event at the prestigious GreenTech Festival in Berlin, 2023.


WFP's Climate Change Innovation Challenge

Conceived, crafted, and led communications for WFP's Climate Change Innovation Programme, driving global engagement and overseeing event communications at the Munich Pitch Event.


WFP's Food Security Symposium Egypt 2022

Rpresented WFP Innovation Accelerator at pre-COP27 event by WFP Egypt in 2022. 

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Agricultural Resilience Innovation Challenge 

Served as the communications lead for the AICR programme and facilitated an innovation team during the bootcamp.

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Climate Innovation in Rwanda 

In February 2024, undertook a UN mission to a remote location in Rwanda to develop content for Rebug 2 Debug, a WFP Innovation-supported project 

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