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Miscellaneous  Multimedia Projects

During the course of my work and study at University of Sussex, Young India Fellowship and University of Delhi, I have engaged and worked with different mediums, including photography, film making & editing as well as radio. Here are the links to some of the work:

Élan: The YIF Magazine, 2014-15 

As a Young India Fellow at Ashoka I conceptualised and founded a batch magazine with the support of my team, who eventually became Team Elan to take out two more editions of the magazine. Two of these were print version and one was a yearblog. The magazines were circulated all across Ashoka's network all over the world.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 00.40.15.png

Issue 1: Élan


Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 00.40.28.png

Issue 2: Élan

print magazine

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 00.41.03.png

Issue 3Élan blog

Voh Teesri Aawaz: A radio docu-drama 

Along with my classmates at Delhi University Dhanya and Tarishi, I scripted and played a part in a radio docu-drama on the lives of transgenders in India. It follows a story format where three puppets discuss the gender and its diversity in Hindi along with a few recordings of a actual interviews we had with transgenders and transgender activist in India. This was broadcast on Delhi University radio in 2013 and Ashoka University radio in 2015. 

Film making & directing

Over the last 8 years of being a student and then working as a media professional, I've had the opportunity to both lead visual media teams and projects as well as shoot some of them on my own.

I've tried to collate some of it here:

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