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Beyond Boundaries Webinars
Shiv Nadar University India

May 2020

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Shiv Nadar University is a private multidisciplinary research university founded in 2011 in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh in India. It was founded as part of a series of initiatives launched by the Shiv Nadar Foundation, a private philanthropic foundation funded by Shiv Nadar, founder and chairman of HCL.

The 'Beyond Boundaries' webinar series was a first set of weinar series hosted by the International Office of Partnerships at the university. 


I was hired as a brand and design consultant to conceptualize and design this series' communications material, keeping in mind how community building activities were crucial during the initial period of the COVID19 pandemic's lockdown. 


As webinars, in general, were slowly yet aggressively picking up- the idea was to stand out and yet represent the university's ethos and brand.

The target audience was the students and academia of the university as well as potential applicants during the lockdown phase. The idea was to showcase the varied ideas, connections and conversations that SNU could bring to its students.

Building a Brand for a Webinar Series 

To build the brand for the series, we focussed on three key aspects: the dissemination posters, the mailers and the content and branded content that went up on the Zoom calls'. The GIF above gives a glimpse of the posters shared, and the mailers were designed on Mailchimp

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