Communications at United Nations World Food Programme India

March-Current 2020


United Nations World Food Programme or UNWFP has been working in India since 1963, with work transitioning from food distribution to technical assistance since the country achieved self-sufficiency in cereal production.

With the Indian Government now providing its own food distribution systems, WFP India's work focuses on supporting the strengthening of these systems to ensure they become more efficient and reach the people who need them most.


At UNWFP, I joined to start their digital communications vertical, but during the covid19 crisis, I have managed the Country Office's Communications. 


Having joined just one week before India went under lockdown owing to the pandemic, it has been a trying time.

However, I have the opportunity to contribute in multiple ways to take charge of crisis communications for the largest UN agency in the second-most populous country in the world. Totally owe this to a great country director and an amazingly committed team.

Between Communications for Behaviour Change and Twiplomacy 

 UNWFP India has worked closely with the Indian government for the past five decades, and therefore everything we do is to assist the central, as well as state governments, implement their food security based programmes (via improving food supply chains as well as addressing malnutrition or gender-based challenges in food distribution) better. All communications, therefore, reflects this attitude of collaborative action across civil society, governments and corporations. 


Stratergised, created and curated content for UNWFP India's Twitter, to establish and build relationships within the food and nutrition community space- researchers, bloggers, UN agencies as well as governaments.


Recently launched the YouTube channel for UNWFP India, to host and share language content on food safety, nutrition and covid19 prevention. This was done to improve the dissemination of social and behaviour change communication content and efforts by UNWFP as India is home to millions of  Youtube users who could benefit from this. This content comprised of animated playful videos in vernacular languages produced for government programmes and shared across our own as well as government channels and circles. 

Media Relations, Bulletins, and Guidelines

I am also responsible for managing all forms of media queries and requests for UNWFP India. Along with that I also design and edit all bulletins and guidelines for our external audience.

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