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Communications at United Nations
World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

Febuary-Current 2021

Food Systems Illustration Animated.gif

Created this illustration for a blog I co-wrote with a team-mate on food systems innovation challenge 


The WFP Innovation Accelerator sources, supports, and scales high-potential solutions to end hunger worldwide. Based in Munich, Germany, the accelerator provides staff, entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies, and non-governmental organizations with access to funding, mentorship, hands-on support, and WFP operations. 

It is the global Innovation head office for WFP.


At WFP IA, I joined to lead their digital communications which includes social media, website, newsletter, and online campaigns.

Currently, I lead communications for climate change, food systems and agriculture thematic areas. at WFP Innovation Accelerator. I also act as deputy to the Head of Communications at WFP IA as and when she needs it.  


Being the hub of all things innovation within WFP, the WFP Innovation Accelerator relies on organic online media to advocate innovation in the humanitarian sector. Having been hired during peak COVID19 restrictions, I was tasked to manage and grow our Twitter and LinkedIn communities and engagements.


Through campaigns and knowledge products specifically targeted for consumption by social entrepreneurs, innovators, and UN and WFP staff around the world, my role is to help the accelerator become the ‘dot connector' in the  innovation ecosystem.

I am the digital media focal point for the Innovation topic for WFP and therefore also create various policies and guidelines for the same at the organisation.

Social Media Campaigns

Read and look up some of the campaigns, creatives and content that I produced for the accelerator

Copy of Copy of #SheInnovates MAIN POST.gif


March 2021

March 2021 saw WFP celebrating the month as women’s month. To this end, two of my colleagues and I developed and designed the #SheInnovates campaign where we highlighted work done by 8 female innovators across the world in various contexts.

The idea was to highlight women’s role in innovation at WFP to motivate others and inform our humanitarian community online about the various learnings these women derived from their work.

See the Twitter thread here.

AWARD-WINNING: This campaign also won Anthem Award by Webby Awards in 2022!

Copy of WFP Innovation Bootcamp - DAY 5 - GIF.gif



The accelerator by itself or in partnership with organisations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MIT, and several others, regularly hosts bootcamps where innovations (startups) are sourced and then mentored and funded for growing their ideas.

To this end, visibility of these innovations (sourced from within and outside WFP) is crucial to give them the support to grow and also attract more investments/funding.

Therefore, together with our graphic designer and event coordinator, I created bootcamp videos highlighting learnings from each workshop (see the thread here). Also, during pitch events, I would create content to highlight various new innovations that were part of that cohort.

AWARD WINNING: WFP IA won the corporate brand award from Anthem Award for our work in 2021-22

Humanitarian Day - QUOTES.gif

World Humanitarian Day

September 2021

To celebrate World Humanitarian Day 2021, WFP Innovation Accelerator developed a campaign to highlight the work of 7 WFP staff members across the globe (and part of the accelerator’s Innovation Champions Community), who are leveraging innovative solutions to reach Zero Hunger.

The idea was to share with our social media community about the various ways innovation was being put to use, while celebrating the work of actual staff members behind it. See the Twitter thread here.

20240216_DEU_Innovation-Pitch-Event_Benjamin Härer_DSC02960 (1).jpg

WFP Innovation 

End to End Programmes

Here's a photo of me recording a video quote for WFP ED Cindy McCain at the WFP Innovation 'Relief & Resilience' Pitch Event 2024.

More details on my work in this domain below.

WFP End to End Programmes
Communications for WFP
Innovation Accelerator's End to End Programmes

The core focus of WFP IA's programmatic work is its 'End To End Programme'. Through these programme we identify, nurture, and scale innovative solutions from the global south. Typically, funding for these initiatives comes from donors or through partnerships with client organizations. Since 2021, I've taken charge of enhancing the digital media presence for over 15 innovation challenges and managing the entire campaign process for more than 8 of them. Collaborating closely with various internal teams, partners, and clients, I've significantly bolstered this aspect of our communication strategy. Additionally, in 2023, I trained to five new colleagues in the communications team, equipping them with the tools, templates and skills to oversee these end-to-end programs, which culminated in a Pitch Event gala. Presently, I'm in the process of developing a post-event communication plan to highlight these innovations' growth journey. Here is a sneak peak into some of the most successful campaigns:


Relief & Resilience Innovation Challenge

WFP Innovation Challenge

Link to the programme page.

Read the blog I authored.

Social Media Impressions: 230,000+ impressions for the end to end programme campaign on Twitter + LinkedIn.



Untitled-Artwork (8).png


Agricultural Innovation for Climate Resilience Programme

DGIx: A German Developement Agency (GIZ) & WFP IA's Programme 

Link to the programme page.

Read the blog I authored.

Social Media Impressions: 

85,000+ impressions for over 20 communications products I developed for the end to end innovation progarmme campaign. (35).gif


Digital & Green Innovation Accelerator

DGIx: A German Developement Agency (GIZ) & WFP IA's Programme 

Link to the programme page.

Read the blog I authored.

Social Media Impressions: 961,157+ impressions across Twitter and LinkedIn (41).gif


Humanitarian Innovation Accelerator Programme

By Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, and the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) 

Link to the programme page.

Read the blog I authored.

Social Media Impressions: 70,000+ impressions for over 20 communications products I developed for the end to end innovation progarmme campaign.


I also author blogs for the Innovation Accelerator about new innovation challenges and other announcements. Some of them are listed below:


How regional innovation can transform the future of food systems


Seven innovations pave the way to Zero Hunger in a time of climate crisis

Untitled-Artwork (4).png

Eight Innovations Share Pioneering Solutions to Tackle the Global Food Crisis

Monthly Newsletters

In order to make our knowledge products reach far and wide to our community (comprising innovators, startup owners, WFP and UN staff, etc.) I designed and produced all newsletters and mailers for the Innovation Accelerator from 2021-2023. In this time the subscriber base grew 200% and the click and open rates are much higher

than industry standards.


Conclusion: Innovation is nothing new but is a revolutionary way of thinking through things that can positively bring change in the humanitarian sector. My role as digital communications expert at the accelerator is to make sure that our diverse and global audience gets to access and understand our work through our channels of communications and advocate the same in their own respective workplaces.

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