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Being a creative problem
solver for impact

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about me!

I believe stories are powerful,

and so is design thinking.

Combining these can bring people together and spark meaningful conversations about how we build a better world. 

I'm a communications professional who uses storytelling and design thinking to solve problems. 

Experienced in communication design, digital marketing, media and project management for humanitarian organisations, I'm looking for my next challenge!

Read about my previous work to know more.

In my four decades of Journalism, I have met few like Sanjna with all the necessary talent to be a media leader of her age. Her class thesis as well as her journalistic essays are impressive with their deep research, sharp analysis and clear exposition. Her drawing and graphic designs that I have seen are stunning. Her web-design skills combined with her linguistic and graphic skills make her a natural for today’s graphics-led media world 

Nayan Chanda,

Founder and Editor of Yale Global Online, 2018

What I Do

Building narratives that inspire 

I can help you or your organisation narrate your story across social media, website and brand creatives.

Together, we can make your service and product reach the right audience, through online and offline communications.

certified in fundamentals of digital mar

I've worked with and learnt from amazing people that led me to receive recognition for my work and academics.

I earnestly believe in the power of teams and collaborations

Honours & Awards

Post Graduate in leadership & liberal arts as a fellow at.png
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