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Digital Media & Marketing

Digital natives today are growing exponentially and brands are investing a lot in using digital mediums to build a direct connect with their auidence and customers. It has become the central place for customers to interact and engage with organisations and hence it has become important that the social media messaging and campaigns are thoroughly strategised and executed. 

I'm a digital 'dot connector' who communicates and simplifies a brand's message via social media to build an engaged digital community. This can be via campaign planning and designing, blog strategy and digital marketing of your products on social media platforms. 

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UN WFP Innovation Accelerator, Munich

Led digital communication activities for World Food Programme's Innovation office in Germany.

Read about the work here 

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300m Challenge

An award winning nation wide campaign for a nonprofit- Katha 2017-18.

Read about the strategy here

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Ashoka University


Scaled up and built social media presence and voice for a premier private university in India- Ashoka. 2016-17

Read about the strategy here

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Impact Report for Impact Hub Berlin

Wrote, researched and designed Impact Hub Berlin's five years Impact report of being a social innovation hub in the heart of Berlin. See the work here


Multimedia Projects

As a student & as a media professional, I've created and led projects across various mediums 

Read about them here


World Food Programme India

Led communication activities for World Food Programme India's office with a focus on digital media See the work here

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Katha Utsav

Campaigned for this unique storytelling festival in India created to inspire storytellers and poets in every child.

Read about the strategy here

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KathaKhazana Product Marketing

Strategised and designed campaigning for Katha's reading app that later won an award

Read about the strategy here


Arthritis Action

Worked on Digital Communication activities for Arthritis Action in London, during their peak time See the work here

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Webinars: Shiv Nadar University

As the COVID19 lockdowns became our reality, Webinars have become more useful than ever for online-community building. Read about my branding work for one such webinar

Read about them here

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