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Having a good copy is at the heart of all things marketing and branding and of course journalism. Well written creatives, campaigns and websites that talk directly to your audience and tell the right stories are truly impactful.


I do four types of writing:

  • Writing for Social Media: Being a writer and a designer I conceptualise and create copies for impactful social media adverts and posts for campaigns. More on my work on this front can be seen here

  • Writing for websites (content marketing strategy): I help put together the narrative of your brand that suits the target audience, SEO & content strategy best. More of my work in UX design & writing can be seen here.

  • Academic Writing: I have had the opportunity of writing prolific academic dissertation and research papers about issues I care about during my time at the University of Delhi and YIF. I also mentored 111 Young India Fellows to write their academic papers during my time as a Teaching fellow at the YIF. My academic work can be seen here

  • Content Writing for blogs/ journalistic writing: have also been a journalist with some of the premier print and digital media organisations in India and the world. Listed below are all my bylines and stories:

Various Publications
The Hindu
Indian Express
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